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Ladies, here are 9 Fashion mistakes you are probably making

There are certain fashion mistakes we make as ladies that so many of us don't know, in today's article, we will be looking at nine of them.

1) Wearing leggings as pants

This is one of the fashion mistakes I still see ladies do until now, so unless you are working out or going to the gym make sure you cover your backside with a longer top. Or you do the sun test, what Is a sun test? In your house when you look in the mirror, and you're wearing leggings, and you're not covering your backside, maybe you're also wearing a crop top it may look fine but once you step outside in the sunlight, people can almost always see through your leggings, people can see your underwear or whatever it is you are wearing beneath your legging, so if you want to be certain your leggings are not see-through just do the sun test, get someone that can help you check if people can see through your leggings.

2) Using too much makeup

I know now we are living in a world of the social media craze where we watch so many makeup tutorials sometimes you watch one of them, and you just want to drown and put your face in one of these makeups, sometimes when I look at two women one with light makeup and the other one with heavy makeup, most times I feel the one with less makeup looks so much nicer I don't know why but try to look as natural as you can, people like it when you look natural most especially guys, so remember less is key.

3) Hair

When going for hair colour some ladies do not check whether it suits their skin tone they just put any colour on their head, so when going for hair colour it's preferable you go tor natural colours that fit your skin tone because it's on your hair, and it's around your face.

4) Any type of underwear showing through your clothes

That goes to pantie linings and bra straps, when it comes to bra straps and panty linings don't show them at all, so invest in see less panties and strapless bras.

5) Wearing too much jewellery

When it comes to jewellery wearing too much of it might just make you look like a Christmas tree, two pieces of jewellery will always do the magic you can always look in the mirror to tell what's missing.

6) showing too much skin

I am not saying showing too much skin is bad, but you have to balance it, for instance, you want to wear a super cropped top try wearing long trousers instead of shorts.

7) Clothes that don't fit

If you are the type that tries to avoid going to the tailors, you need to change, there's nothing worse than wearing clothes that are too big, too wide, or too long, you just need to invest in good tailoring.

8) Buying clothes just to buy them

If you are one of those people that just goes out and buys clothes for special events and just basically you might just end up with a closet full of clothes that you might not have any use for subsequently one time, it's advisable to figure out what you need in your closet or the type of clothing you need more.

9) Trying too hard

I know trends are always coming and going we always want to try new trends but in the end, wear what you're comfortable with, wear what fits your body type, font try too because you want to impress people.

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