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Erik ten Hag issues blunt Liverpool response after Man Utd move within one point of Champions League

Erik ten Hag has revealed that he doesn’t care about Liverpool’s unfavorable result on Saturday despite the Red Devils moving within a point of UCL football with a victory over the Cherries

Manchester United's quest for Champions League qualification appeared virtually assured as they emerged triumphant from a grueling away encounter against Bournemouth.

The breakthrough arrived in the early stages when Casemiro, showcasing his remarkable athleticism and finesse, expertly found the back of the net with a mesmerizing acrobatic effort after a mere nine minutes.

Despite their relentless pursuit of an additional goal, the Red Devils encountered a resilient Cherries defense that thwarted their attacking endeavors, resulting in a multitude of missed opportunities and an overall struggle to find the mark, despite amassing a total of 20 shots throughout the game.

While Manchester United may not have anticipated taking such a momentous stride towards securing a top-four finish on that fateful Saturday, their counterparts, Liverpool, were left frustrated after being held to a draw by Aston Villa on their home turf.

The Reds required a dramatic 89th-minute strike from Roberto Firmino to salvage a solitary point. As the current standings stand, this outcome implies that Manchester United now need only a single point from their remaining two fixtures to mathematically solidify their place in the top four.

Presently, Ten Hag's men sit three points ahead of Liverpool, who have only one game remaining, albeit with a significantly inferior goal difference.

During an interview with the BBC, Ten Hag candidly reflected on the hard-fought victory over Bournemouth, acknowledging the team's failure to secure a second goal as the sole notable critique. In this regard, he said,

"The only slight criticism is our inability to convert another goal. We had opportunities, but this is the nature of our team. Scoring goals is not always an easy task." Demonstrating his unwavering confidence in his team's defensive prowess, Ten Hag continued, "We effectively pinned back our opponents, not letting them settle in the first 25 minutes.

Although David de Gea made a mistake a few weeks ago, it is crucial to recognize that errors can occur to any player. We prioritize collective defending, as exemplified by our numerous clean sheets. David made several exceptional saves throughout the game."

In a resolute display of focus and determination, Ten Hag further emphasized, "I am not concerned with the outcome of Liverpool's match. Our primary focus is on our own performance and the task at hand. We must remain committed and deliver."

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