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Never Let Anybody Tell You That You Are The Leaders Of Tomorrow - Obasanjo Urges Nigerian Youth


Obasanjo stated this Saturday that his ascension to the positions of head of state and also president of the federal republic of Nigeria was by accident.

Recall that Obasanjo was a one-time head of state and also the Nigerian president from 1999 - 2003

He made emphasis on how he was from the village and his going to school was by accident

He also used the opportunity to address Nigeria Nigerian importance of taking responsibility today.

Obasanjo said youths should not allow anyone to give them the impression that they are leaders of tomorrow, saying the tomorrow may never come.

He said, “My advice for Nigerian youths is that never let anybody tell you that you are the leaders of tomorrow. If you wait for tomorrow before you take over leadership, that tomorrow may not come. They will destroy it.

“This is the time, youths get up and make it happen.”


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