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No Candidate Had 1M Votes In A State In The Last Election, BVAS Is Still The Game Changer' - Igini

According to a former INEC High Commissioner and lawyer, Mike Igini, the perception that Nigerian votes do not count is false. He explained that the last presidential election proves that voters have the power to decide who their next leader will be. While acknowledging that INEC has many questions to answer about the presidential election results, he pointed out that no candidate received one million votes in a single state. He also argued that the BVAS accreditation process exposed many fraudulent activities and that the issue of ghost voters had been resolved.

Igini emphasized the importance of the BVAS, stating that it was a game changer. He urged Nigerians to continue to have faith in the system, even in the face of challenges. He cited examples of the difference between voter accreditation in 2019 and the last election, demonstrating how BVAS has improved the voting process.

For instance, in Delta central, the number of accredited voters dropped from 62,044 to 5,403, while in Ika North East, it decreased from 67,417 to 16,696, and in Warri South West, it decreased from 139,534 to 3,183. Igini concluded by stating that BVAS was still the key to a credible and fair election, and that Nigerians should trust the process.

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