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3 Signs You Could Be Setting Up Your Children For Failure

Have you ever looked at your children and say to yourself that “Oh my God! These kids are turning out like me?” If your children are practicing good parts of your behavior, it's a good thing. But if they're following your lead on bad habits, it's a red flag.

As a parent, you have to have good habits because as much as your kids mimic the bad things that you do, they will adopt your bad habits. I've compiled a list of 4 things that show you are preparing your children for failure, read them below.

1. You don’t admit your weaknesses.

The first mistake that parents make when raising their children is not admitting their shortcomings. As a parent, if you are not admitting your mistakes, limitations, and weaknesses, it means that you are teaching your children that it’s better to hide them than to express or expose them. There is no point in hiding things from your kids.

Don't be afraid to tell your kids about your challenges and weaknesses and how you are trying to get over them. Telling them this will give them courage and make them ready for life challenges.

2. You never seek feedback.

Have you ever asked your children how you are doing as a day? I know your answer will probably be no. Almost all parents, especially dads, make this type of huge mistake. They feel too big to ask their children this question. If you're asking for feedback from your children, you will be knowing your imperfections and how you can get rid of them. Let your children know that you are their parents, and you love them very much.

3. You can’t say you’re sorry.

Many parents, particularly dads, find it difficult to apologize and seek forgiveness from their children. They think that this attitude is worthless, but it's not. If you admit your mistakes and say sorry to your children, you're telling them that reconciliation is possible. You're also teaching them that accepting blame and apologizing are important.

Do you have any other tips to add to this list? Please let us know your thoughts.

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