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Celebrating Kannywood Actresses Fati Washa and Rahama Sadau through their pictures

Kannywood actresses Fati Washa and Rahama Sadau are two actors that have entertained us with very educative and entertaining films in the last ten years. They are hardworking, consistent and have been role models to the younger generation. Looking at their successes over the years, their is no doubt that the two have really worked hard to achieved their successes. This is why we decided to showcase their pictures in order to celebrate their immense contributions to the Kannywood entertainment industry.

Kannywood industry is among the most celebrated entertainment industries in Nigeria. The industry has provided employment and a source of living to thousands of Nigerians in different categories. People think that its only actors that are many in the industry but that's not true. There are people who worked behind the screen and they are many. The industry has provided employment for many other categories in the industry.

Apart from actors,the Kannywood industry has a lot of personnel who act behind the screen. There are a lot of writers who writes the scripts which is later transformed to scripts,then into scenes which the actors are given to read,assimilate and fit into characters.

There are a lot of behind the screen activities going on in the industry. The directors make sure they provide the conducive environment for the shooting of the film and also on directing how the films is set. There are makeup artist,producers,marketers,sound mixers,logistics and many more.

Fati Abdullahi known as Fati Washa and Rahma Sadau are to actresses that have contributed immensely towards the development of the industry through their acting skills. Both are still young and on top of their games. Let's celebrate them through their beautiful pictures below.

Fatima Abdullahi Washa

Rahama Sadau

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