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10 Foods That Can Save Your Heart From Disease

Foods are edible substances we eat to gain energy and refresh the organs of the body. Adding some foods to your diet is an healthy heart choice. The foods that can save your heart from disease will be discussed in this article.

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Foods That Can Save Your Heart From Disease:

1 Salmon: this fish contains omega 3 fatty acid that helps to reduce the risk of heart rhythm disorder.

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2 Sweet potato: it contains vital nutrients such as vitamin A, fiber and lycopene.

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3 Low fat yoghurt: controls high blood pressure.

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4 Leafy greens (spinach, lettuce): contains nitrates that opens up the blood vessels so that oxygen can reach the heart.

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5 Black beans: it contains antioxidants and nutrients that can lower blood pressure and benefit the heart.

6 Walnut: it protects the heart arteries from inflammation.

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7 Cherry: Protects the blood vessels.

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8 Olive oil: it is rich in antioxidants which benefits the heart and protects blood vessels.

9 Almonds: it is essential in lowering bad cholesterol.

10 Oranges: contains cholesterol fighting fiber pectin and potassium that helps to control blood pressure.

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