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2 Important Things Chiwetalu Agu Should Do After His Release From The Nigerian Army Custody

In what comes as a great news to the entertainment industry, the veteran actor, Chiwetalu Agu has been released from the custody of the Nigerian Army.

Recall that yesterday, Thursday 7th October 2021, news broke out that the movie star got arrested at Upper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra State by the Nigerian Army personnel which subsequently gave rise to a protest by youths who felt disgruntled over his apprehension.

However, this Friday morning, 8th October 2021, the actor was released from the custody of the military which invariably boils down to the fact that he spent a night in their custody.

However, upon his release, there are two important things he must do that would be of great benefit to him.

First; He shouldn't wear the regalia in public again: after this release, Chiwetalu Agu should endeavor not to wear the outfit again to save himself from subsequent arrests. Undeniably, the security agents wouldn't have arrested him if he was in a casual or corporate attire that didn't have to do with the Biafran flag. Just as we know, the Federal Republic of Nigeria proscribed the group some months ago and wearing anything relating to it can possibly put anyone into trouble just as what happened to Chiwetalu Agu. Therefore, he ought to learn from what happened to him and never repeat it again.

Second; he ought to undergo a medical checkup; following the stress and trauma from his arrest, the 65-year-old actor should endeavor to undergo a medical check up in order to ascertain his level of fitness and take care of any health related issue he might have sustained due to his arrest. Just as they say, health is wealth, so his health at this moment should be a basic priority for him.

What do you think about this? What's your take on Chiwetalu Agu's arrest.

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