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How to have better sex after 50 years of age.

Intercourse after you clock the age of 50 can be uncomfortable, this may be due to menopause which causes changes in the body. More so, people are prone to different health conditions which may hurt their intercourse life.

According to Healthline, ways to have better intercourse after 50 years include:

1. Lubrication. After you have stopped experiencing menstruation, there’s a natural decline in female hormone levels, which can cause dryness.

Pain and discomfort caused by dryness is the major complaint from people who have stopped menstruating (menopause). If it is not treated, dryness can lead to female organ wall inflammation and even the fusing of the female organ walls. Ensure the female organ stays moisturized.

2. Communication. It is important to create better communication with your partner. You can start the conversation outside the bedroom, where nobody is naked and vulnerable. Your partner may have changed, also. You can educate each other. Ensure to keep the conversations loving and short, but express your feelings.

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