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Here's The Proper Way To Shave Your Beards In Order To Prevent Rashes And Bumps

As you shave your beard, here’s what dermatologists advise:

Don't use a razor blade or clipper that is too sharp, and never go over a particular area more than twice.

When shaving with a single-blade razor, rinse the blade after each swipe.

Avoid shaving too closely or putting so much pressure on your skin.

To help reduce the risk and possibility of having razor bumps, try to change the blade on a single-blade razor after about 7 to 8 shaves or discard a disposable razor.

An old blade greatly increases the risk of razor bumps.

Take your timeRinse off the shaving cream with luke warm water. You really need to rinse gently but thoroughly. Leaving any sign of shaving cream on your face can lead to irritation. 


Get a small piece of fabric, soak it in cold water, and use it to place on the shaved areas.

Apply an original aftershave. Dermatologists advise that we use an aftershave that’s specifically made to reduce the risk of razor bumps and irritated skin. If an aftershave creates a burning sensation, stop using it and buy another one.

Dry your razor or clipper and store it in a dry place. This will prevent bacteria from growing on the blades. Don't ever leave your razor in the shower or on the sink.


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