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Opera News Hub Did Not Only Increase Me Financially But Also Impacted My Life in These Ways

I have long waited for a golden opportunity as this one to share my "Success Story" with the general public, even though I have done so with some of my fellow Content Creators. Now that the opportunity has availed itself, I can confidently say that, "one of my earnest desires as a writer has been actualized".

How it started.

I started writing in Opera News Hub May, 2020(this wasn't the account I started writing with. The account was banned due to some reasons I wouldn't disclosed here but truth be told, it was well deserved). I was introduced into the Hub by one of my male Facebook User, AbdulGaniyy Badmus). Prior to when I started writing here, I was a very active Facebook User. I can't say that I am a perfect writer, but I was trying my best to put up educative and informative contents on my Facebook wall (for free, of course).

Truth be told, if I wasn't showcasing my writing prowess, he wouldn't had connected me to this beautiful place (Opere News Hub) where passion is turned into a thriving career. When he approached me online (lest I forget, I have not met him in person) about ONH, I keyed into the opportunity. I asked myself, "If I could write on Facebook for free, why can't I give this a try?" So, I registered and I started writing. He was there guiding me every step of the way, because he started before me.

Impacts made in my life by Opera News Hub

Without mincing words, I can proclaim that, joining Opera News Hub as a Content Creators is one of the best decisions that I have taken in my whole life. I may not be amongst the Top Earners yet but there is a change in my financial status. Presently, through Opera News Hub, my financial worth has increased. I now earn at least twice of the salary I earn as a Private School Teacher. In no distant time, I will quit from my teaching Job and be a Full Time Writer in ONH.

Aside financial impact, Opera News Hub has also impacted my life in the following ways:

1. Writing for Opera News Hub has activated spirit of fact - finding / research in me. Unlike before, I presently carry out research on topical issues.

2. Opera News Hub has helped widened my horizon. Through Opera News Hub, I now have vast knowledge about political, religious, social and economical issues both locally and internationally.

3. I currently enjoy the luxury of getting timely and factual information about happenings both from fellow Content Creators and sources where I source my articles from.

4. Through Opera News Hub, for the very first time in a long now, my voice is being heard not only by Nigerians but by the millions of Opera News Users across the globe. Indeed, Opera News Hub has given me an opportunity to be relevant.

Thank you, Opera News Hub.

Thank you for changing my financial worth.

Thank you for giving me a voice.

Thank you for all you are doing in my life and the lives of other Content Creators.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Content created and supplied by: BornWriter (via Opera News )

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