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The Oba of Benin who fought his brother for the Throne

Ewuare also know as the Great or Ewuare I became the Oba (king) of the Benin empire from 1440-1473. Ewuare became King in a violent coup in opposition to his brother, Uwaifiokun which destroyed most part of Benin City. After the war, Ewuare rebuilt most part of Benin, reformed political system withinside the kingdom, substantially multiplied the territory of the kingdom and fostered the humanities and festivals. He left a full size legacy and is frequently taken into consideration the primary King of the kingdom of Benin.

Eweuare was born as the third son of the Oba Ohen. At this point, Ewuare was known by the name prince Ogun. A controversy arosed upon the death of Ohen when both prince Ogun and his brother prince Irugbe was exiled by Oba Orobiru, Ohen's second son. Ohen's first son, Oba Egbeka had ruled upon their father's deach but did not last long. Local historian Jacob U. Eghereuba made known to people that after the death of Orobiru, both Ogun and Uwaifiokun were banished from the city, Uwaifiokun was able to return, lied to the Uzama that his brother Ogun did not make it out of the forest alive and he was crowned King. While Ogun was wandering in the forest, he felt the need to rest under a tree and was told to return to Benin City and reclaim his throne.

On his way back to the City, he eliminated an inflamed thorn from a lion's paw and the lion gave him a magic Talisman which he ought to use to create any scenario withinside the global he desired. He arrived in Benin City amazed to discover a parade for his brother Uwaifaikon at the same time as the human beings had been in destitute circumstances. Prince Ogun used the talisman to set huge part of the city on fire. He then reached into Agbavboko and pulled out a bow with a poison arrow which he then used to assassinate Uwaifaikon. In the confusion that ensued, he concealed with a slave, named Edo, that had looked after him while he was younger and who diagnosed him without delay withinside the chaos. Supporters of Uwaifaikon entered Edo's residence and killed him searching for Ogun who had hidden. Ogun then exited the residence and accrued his supporters and became capable to take his position in the throne. In Egharevba's version, during a visit to the city during his exile, Ogun was taken in by a prominent chief who hid him in a dried well but then went to tell the authorities. The head slave of the leader, named Edo, permit down a ladder into the nicely and recommended Ewuare to escape. Ogun then took the name Ewuare meaning "the problem has ceased". Eventually, the honorific Ogidigan (the Great) was appended and he's frequently called Ewuare Ogidigan or Ewuare the Great. The date for his upward push to the throne is generally dated to 1440. To honor the slave that had sacrificed his life to save his, Ewuare additionally renamed the city to Edo (now Benin City).

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