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After doctors said he will die before 24 hours, he is still alive while the doctors are dead now

In the world today, there are lots of challenges. Many people die in an Accident while many others die during childbirth as a result of complications of deformation. All you should know is that in every situation you found yourself, always give thanks to God and also pray for divine intervention. Never lose hope

The man in the photo below was born deformed. His deformation was very critical that the doctors who helped in his birth though he won't live long. According to him, the Doctor's told his parents he will die within the first 24 hours after his birth. Luckily for him, he survived. As it stands now, he is 35 years old now. Another good news is that he is also a doctor.

Revenue recently in his video while counseling a group of people, he gave his testimony and encouraged everyone to always have faith and never believe in predictions that don't empower you.

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