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How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are two separate emotional reactions to a real or imagined threat. You can deal with them by learning to recognize them.

We all occasionally feel the emotions of fear and worry.

Some people experience occasional panic or fear attacks. These feelings could be more frequent and powerful for people with anxiety disorders, phobias, and panic disorders.

When a risk is actually present, your fear response is triggered. When there is no immediate threat, anxiety frequently results in concern.

Fear can engender anxiety, while anxiety can engender fear. Although anxiety and phobias can make daily tasks challenging, assistance is available.

The difference between fear and anxiety

Sometimes, anxiety and fear are referred to interchangeably.

Worries about the past, present, or future might cause anxiety. Moreover, it might make daily tasks challenging and interfere with social interactions, work, or education.

Typical signs of anxiety include:


fatigue\sdifficulty concentrating\sirritability

Excessive worry makes muscles stiff.

issues with sleep

a sense of impending disaster

intestinal problems with sweat

Contrarily, fear is a reaction to immediate danger. When you feel terrified or afraid, your body shifts into the "fight-or-flight" position. Alternatively, you can encounter a fawning answer.

As hormones are released into the body, it responds by telling it to either stay and deal with the threat or go for safety.

Fear frequently manifests as:

higher heart rate

breathing difficulty, shivering or chills, nausea, tremors, trembling, and a dry mouth

For instance, if you reside in a dangerous location, you could be concerned about house invasion. In this case, the environmental influences lead to increased worry and anxiety symptoms.

Your body would start to prepare for a fight or flight response if a burglar broke into your house.

The seriousness of the threat determines how you should react.

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