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5 foods you should be eating raw in order to gain all the nutrients.

There foods that are highly nutritious when they are eaten raw. When certain foods are exposed to heat some nutrients and antioxidants present may reduce. When you consume nuts, seeds and some vegetables raw, you will tend to gain an higher nutritional value. I will share the foods that should eaten raw for a maximum health benefit.

Below are the foods.


This is a very nutritious cruciferous vegetable packed with powerful antioxidants and essential. When you consume broccoli raw, your body will gain more nutrients which helps to keep you healthy. Rinse the broccoli thoroughly with salt water before consuming.

2. Nuts.


Most people love roasting or cooking nuts in order to improve their taste and make them more delicious. When you apply heat to your nuts, their nutritional value will reduce. Raw nuts are more healthier and beneficial to your body.


Some people usually add garlic to their food and cook it at an high temperature. When you eat your garlic raw, you will stand to gain more health benefits. Raw garlic contains an high amount of antioxidants which helps to regulate your blood pressure.


Raw Onions contains an higher amount of antioxidants(allicin) compared to cooked ones. When you consume raw onions it will help cleanse your heart thereby regulating your blood pressure and reducing your risk of having heart problems


Most people love cooking their tomatoes to prepare stew. When you apply heat to tomatoes, you will destroy some essential nutrients. Eating your tomatoes raw is the best because more antioxidants and nutrients will be transferred to your body. Wash the fresh tomatoes thoroughly before eating.

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