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Good News: School Owners Must Do These Before 29th July

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Good news: FG Announce Date for Reopening of school given school owners condition Before resumption

It is amazing that the FG has great interest in reopening of schools as they have also given 12days as a deadline for schools to meet up with Covid 19 guidelines given by the FG for safe reopening of schools. The FG is expecting positive feedback from schools to know if the requirement for safe reopening of schools have been met, through the state ministries of education, on or before 29th,July,2020.

The FG also made mention that they will announce the reopening of schools officially if the guidelines are put in place by various schools. The ASSU, NUT, NASU, SSANU and others have also given conditions for reopening of schools.

They are appealing to the FG for immediate release of funds to the tertiary institutions, so that safety measures can be put in place, as schools need expansion of classrooms in order to help staff and student observe the social distancing protocol.

They are also saying that school environment should be properly fumigated and decontaminated including hostels,classrooms, dinning halls,lecture halls/theater, clinics, business premises and staff offices etc. There should also be additional of teacher in order to provide a perfect relation between teachers and student in observing social distance,outdoor learning environment should also be provided for Kids, strengthening provision of e-learning facilities in primary and tertiary institutions.

They also advise that there should be covid19 committee that will be responsible for supervising and ensuring strict compliance of the safety measures. These measures may include, regular hand washing with soap, water, hand Sanitizers, at a minimum discontinuation of school premises, and compulsory use of face masks by staff, student and visitors.

There is hope for safe reopening of schools as FG is working tirelessly for speedy reopening of schools, ensuring total safety of staff and students. Furthermore, the minister said, the ministry has consulted commissioners of education in 36 states, Association of private school owners of Nigeria (APSON), National association of proprietors of private schools (NAPPS), provosts of the college of educations, Rectors of polytechnics, Vice chancellors of Universities, some state governors and development partners since Tuesday last week. On WAEC, Nwajuiba said they have met with the WAEC board on Monday and have agreed to further consult four other countries on a new examination date.

Am of the opinion that school operators and FG should put in place necessary guidelines for safe reopening of schools.

What is your opinion ?

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