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Six Questions Ladies Need To Ask Men Before Starting a Relationship With Them

In recent times, people jump into relationships just because they think they are of age or they feel left out due to peer pressure. Being in a relationship is cool but before you start having something serious with a man, you need to ask him some questions. The need for this is to know him more, what he's capable of doing, and avoid being heartbroken in the long run. Therefore, before jumping into a serious relationship with a man, you should ask these 6 important questions.

1. Ask if he will have your back no matter the circumstance: Taking your relationship to the next level can be very scary, and you need to know that you can fully trust him. Ask him upfront if he will have your back no matter what, even when he is mad at you or have issues. You need to know that thick and thin.

2. Ask him what he considers cheating: Different people have different views on cheating. Some men think that looking at a picture of someone of the opposite gender is cheating, or having a Facebook friend that is a man could be cheating. In reality, these things should not be considered cheating because that would be indicative of controlling behavior. Yet cheating might mean different things to different people. One person might think sex is cheating, while someone else might consider a simple kiss cheating. That's why you must ask to know his own view.

3. Ask him what he wants in the relationship: Make sure that you are both on the same page about where the relationship will go. Asking your guy what they want in the relationship is your way to know what you might expect in the future. If you are marriage-minded and your boyfriend is not, you need to know that right away so that neither of you is wasting the other’s time.

4. Ask him how he deals with difficult situations: It is important to know what coping skills your potential boyfriend might have for difficult situations that you might face. Couples go through all types of difficult situations, and at first, a lot of discussion and compromise is needed as you find your way through the muddy relationship waters. If your guy is quick to anger and has difficulty communicating during times of trouble, now is the time for you to know him better.

5. Ask why his last relationship didn't work out: In some cases, the answer to this will be very straightforward, such as “she cheated on me.” But most often, when a relationship fails, it is the fault of both parties, or it might have been just an incompatibility issue. An enlightened individual ready for a serious relationship will answer this question objectively and assume some responsibility.

6. Ask him about things he won’t compromise on: Everyone has deal-breakers that they will not compromise on. You and your partner need to discuss your deal breakers and make sure you are both on the same page. If something is black and white and you can’t agree, now is the time to discover that instead of years down the road when it counts.

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