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Someone Just Died And They Are Busy Posting His Photos- Toro Aramide Laments Hypocrisy In Nollywood

Toro Aramide, a well-known actress and filmmaker based in the UK, recently expressed her frustration with the movie industry's level of hypocrisy in a post on her official social media account. She stated that this is why she is not in the film industry to make friends, pointing out that some people are only posting pictures of the late Murphy Afolabi after his death, despite not wishing him a happy birthday just a few days before.

In her conclusion, she referred to many film stars as hypocrites and stated that she does not care if anyone dislikes her. She emphasized that she always minds her own business and that hypocrites exist everywhere.

Toro Aramide, also known as the Queen of Nollywood, is a Yoruba actress, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and producer who is based in the United Kingdom.

It's unfortunate that hypocrisy has become prevalent in the movie industry. Although social media has made it easy for people to publicly express their condolences and pay tribute to the deceased, it's also exposed how some individuals only do so for clout or to appear supportive. It's essential to remember that actions speak louder than words, and true intentions are revealed through consistency. As a public figure, Toro Aramide's candidness is refreshing, and she serves as an excellent reminder that it's important to stay true to oneself and not succumb to societal pressures.

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