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How To Treat And Get Rid Of Endometriosis

There is presently no cure for endometriosis, but several treatment options can help in controlling the symptoms.

They include:

Pain relief

Medications can also help in controlling pain. They can include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) and drugs to relieve painful menstruation.

If over the counter options do not help, a doctor or medical consultant can prescribe stronger drugs.

Hormonal treatment

Your doctor or medical consultant may recommend birth control pills or some hormonal methods of birth control like the Mirena device. In some situations, they can recommend gonadotrophin releasing hormone.

These can lead to reduction in estrogen levels and help reduce the development of unwanted tissue. Although, they cannot repair adhesions or improve fertility.


If several other treatments can not work, your doctor or medical consultant could recommend surgery to remove the unwanted tissue. In some certain situations, a hysterectomy with removal of both ovaries may be important.

Fertility treatment

If endometriosis have an effect on fertility, in-vitro fertilization may be a treatment option.

Natural remedies

Some certain complementary and alternative treatments and lifestyle choices could help control endometriosis symptoms. They include the following:

● Acupuncture

● Herbal medicine

● Avoiding caffeine

● Hypnosis

● Biofeedback

● Counseling

● Regular exercise, such as walking

Some individuals may find these methods helpful, but there is no really scientific evidence to show that they have affects. They will not cure endometriosis or reverse any damage that has happened.


Various dietary factors may affect the risk of developing endometriosis, the way a person experiences symptoms, and their overall sense of well-being.

A research that involved twelve people concluded that focusing on dietary factors helped to relieve pain and fatigue. This is because of an enhanced awareness of endometriosis and an increased focus on diet and overall well being.

Some dietary factors that may be beneficial include:

● Removing gluten and dairy products from the diet

● Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables

● Avoiding junk food

● Preparing meals using fresh ingredients

● Avoiding caffeine and alcohol

● Following a low FODMAP diet

● Consuming a type of seaweedTrusted Source known as bladderwrack

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