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8 Ways A Man Could Act If He Truly Loves You

1. He prioritizes you.

While his priorities are work and family, he wants you to know that you are someone special in his life. That he prioritizes your needs over his own and will make concessions to make you happy.

2. He wants your opinion on his life.

If your guy consults you on a major decision, it's likely that he trusts your judgment and is already head over heels in love with you. It means he is concerned about what you think, which means he is concerned about you.

3. He makes you part of his your plans.

Guys don't have many futures plans that they tell you loudly. There's a significant possibility that if your man's talking about the events next week, next month and next year, he would always be yours. He could even consider marrying you if he is sincerely loved by you in the future.

4. He's going to be near you.

He will do his best to be as close as possible to you physically. You'll find him sitting on the same side of the table as you, while you are outside for dinner; he stands near you at a party; he wants you in the car closer. It's happy for him. He loves you all, without telling you it. It is all his way.

5. He protects and defends you.

Men defend women naturally. A study in the journal Physiology & Behavior demonstrates that male testosterone makes people feel protected and safe over the safety and well-being of their male partner. You guard your man? Does he not only ensure that you are protected from physical damage when there is a bad situation? Congratulations. He loves you, he is a definite indicator.

6. He always try to satisfy you.

He will try to make you happy. He will. If, "So long as you are pleased, he's happy," he says such things - you know he's yours. He sends you lovely good morning greetings, because he knows that your day will start great.

7. He's looking forward to watching you out.

He has your back. He has your back. And while that might not mean quite a lot at the beginning of your relationship, you'll want to know he's here for you when things get stuck on the road. He shows you that he is going to accomplish what he told you he is going to do and encourage you to follow your aspirations. These are fantastic evidence of his genuine affection for you.

8. He may show jealous tendency anytime he sees another man with you.

Jealousy is a natural reaction that people find difficult to control when you think about it. But it is important that it is a healthy kind of jealousy, not one that is born out of insecurity.

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