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Opinion: Does leaving Nigeria Guarantee that one will be rich? See what this man says about it.

Nigeria is a country riddled with all kinds of problems from bad governance to incompetent leaders down to insecurities, kidnappings threat to lives and property. Most of us including me will like to get out of this country if given the opportunity in search of greener pastures but quite difficult if not impossible because no place can ever be like Nigeria, as the saying goes there is no place like home.

Anyways a young man by the name of Frank Donga clarified that leaving this country does not guarantee that you will get rich. See screenshot below.

While he makes a valid point, I think many other people would disagree, because right now things are only becoming much harder, everything is becoming more expensive, workers are losing their jobs, salaries are not being increased and those people doing small businesses to feed themselves and their families are barely trying to survive. 

So what do you think about what he said above, if it were you, would you stay despite this very good point that he has given. Or you still rather prefer to leave if given the opportunity. 

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