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Two American Stars Who Became Billionaires This Year, 2021.

Being a billionaire isn't an easy task. You have to be involved in a different business that produces reasonable income for you to acquire that height of wealth. We are going to meet two American stars who are now billionaires as rated by Forbes.


Kim Kardashian

This Instagram model has always showcased her luxurious lifestyle on all social media accounts belonging to her. It came as a shock that a few months after her divorce from popular musician Kanye West, Kim had become a billionaire, as stated by Forbes.

She is not only into modeling but also into different things like a reality TV show, voice acting, brand ownership, and various other things which have benefitted her greatly, making her have a net worth of 1. 2 billion dollars.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty

This American singer officially became a billionaire this year, 2021. She has been doing different things which have added to her income greatly. 

The singer has a lingerie company and also acts in different movies. Her network is worth a total of 1 billion dollars.

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