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Nigerians Should Now Notice That The Naira Swap Policy Has Reduced Banditry And Kidnapping- Sergius Ogun

According to a story that appeared in the Vanguard Newspaper online this morning, Hon. Sergius Ogun, a member of the House of Representatives who represents the Esan South-East Federal Constituency of Edo State and who also serves on the House Adhoc Committee on Currency Swap, discussed how the CBN's cashless policy would help fight corruption and usher Nigeria into a more stable future in an interview with the newspaper's correspondent.

Speaking during the conversation, he claimed that the new CBN would benefit Nigeria because someone with cancer would no longer be able to consume sweet pearl.

He stated: "I can assure you that it has advantages. Nigerians should now be able to see how the Naira exchange policy has decreased kidnapping and banditry in the nation. Banditry has decreased, abduction has decreased, and corruption might be on the decline but not entirely."

In his subsequent remarks, he claimed that not only are ministers refusing to back the president because it is intended to reduce corruption, but even security agents are not with the president on this and that.

He said, "It is because it has now become the project of the president. So if this can help stamp out corruption, it will be a big bonus for you and I."

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