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Should The Love Affair Between a Politician And a Celebrity Be Seen As a Bad Thing?

For some time now, we have been hearing accusations of how some Nigerian celebrities have been involved in love affairs with politicians, many of these accusations lack concrete proofs, therefore we cannot regard them. However, one thing should be noted, many of these accused personalities always come out to deny the allegations.

It is however surprising to me that we see the relationship between celebrities and politicians as an abomination or an unacceptable act. Why should this be the case, should celebrities not fall in love with politicians? There are many questions we need to ask on this issue because every time someone is accused of having a love affair with a politician, some of these people often come out to defend themselves as if they had committed a crime.

In my opinion, I believe that celebrities and politicians can fall in love with one another without being criticised for it for these two reasons below.

1. The first reason here is that both celebrities and politicians are humans with feelings too. They can choose to fall in love with anyone in any line of work. Being a politician is not a crime, neither is being a celebrity. I see no reason why these two categories of people should not be allowed to fall in love with each other, when they are just humans with different lines of works.

2. The second reason here is that these individuals of interest have the sole responsibility of making decisions for themselves and as long as the decisions they make about their love lives do not affect the people around them, I do not think it is normal for people to criticise them for it.

This is why I believe that the love affair between a politician and a celebrity should not be seen as a bad thing.

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