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The Lord Spoke To Me saying, Putin Should Rearrange His Sniper Accordingly To Stand Defeat- Pri. Ayo

Elijah Ayodele Primate, inventor as well as general director of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, recently released a video on his Tiktok profile addressing the general public. In this video, Primate Elijah Ayoder speaks on various topics related to the church. Elijah Ayodele, a primate in the film, explains that the INRI Evangelical Spirit Church is dedicated to providing spiritual guidance to individuals. Elijah Ayodele, a primate who appears in a video explaining the purpose of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, explains that the church was established to provide spiritual guidance to individuals.

During her sermon, she heard the preacher say: "I want the Russian president to be very vigilant not to use his bodyguards to assassinate or overthrow him," he was quoted as saying. The main reason is that I see Putin's regime becoming more and more chaotic. To clarify what he just said, he continued, "With that in mind, if Putin wants to move forward, he needs to strategize, check, and balance."

I gave him this advice because God made it clear to me that I should reorganize the sniper so that he could be defeated and that I would succeed in what he wanted to achieve. Because I wanted to give you the best chance.

He went on to say things like, "If Putin can do all this, as God has made clear, his political ambitions will go even further." " This was in line with what he said in his earlier declaration, and the Lord will add a good number of years to the end of the countdown clock that is His life. Thank God.  


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