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Phyna Reveals Funny Reason Why She Might Get Married Soon

Sometimes in life we are pushed by some of the littlest of things which might act as a trigger for us to take our next big step, and for reality star Phyna she has given a reason why she might get married soon after sharing a tweet that reads '' I think I will get married soon, because of rice see marriage proposals everywhere on my Snapchat. ''

The reality star definitely is going to have a lot of her fans rolling in the floor with her declaration, as there is no denying that she definitely has such a great sense of humor which she had shared on her page, and many people definitely are going to enjoy her joke.

From her expression you can tell that the reality star is only being sarcastic, as her tweet definitely is an irony that will leave many of her followers gushing with laughter, as they might wonder how rice served at an event will be a propeller pushing her towards the institution of marriage? Which is a commitment that is quite demanding and having you be together with a person all the days of your life.

Images credit: Phyna Twitter's page.

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