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Lagos 2023: The Family Of An LP Member That Was Attacked In Surulere Called Me Last Night - Disu

Amid the growing public outrage that has greeted the brutal attack launched against members and supporters of the Labour Party in the Surulere axis of Lagos ahead of the gubernatorial and state house of assembly elections in the state, veteran journalist, and public affairs analyst, Jimi Disu has come out to reveal what a family of one of the victims did shortly after the unfortunate incident.

Recall that on Thursday, March 16, 2023, the social media space was awash with reports that suspected political thugs invaded an entry at Bode Thomas Street in Surulere where some Labour Party members were preparing to commence a campaign rally for their governorship and state house of assembly candidates. Many persons were said to have been badly injured by the hoodlums who arrived in mini-buses brandishing guns, machetes, and glass bottles.

Reacting to the incident during an interview on Nigeria Info FM's 'Dailies Today' program on Friday morning, Disu revealed that the attack on the people was so brutal that the family of one of the victims had to reach out to him to complain bitterly.

Going further, the veteran journalist lampooned the Lagos State Police Command for failing to speak on the issue and arrest the culprits who are known to have been hired by a particular political party and their candidates.

He said; "The incident that happened at Bode Thomas yesterday, who has the police arrested? I am sure everyone has seen the video. One of the women that were attacked had her glasses taken from her and can no longer see. Her family was so distraught that they reached out to me. They called me last night to complain about what happened. I was at a loss for what to say to them. I couldn't even confidently tell them to go and report to the police.

So, what do we do? Are these people going to move us to the point where we start resorting to self-help? Because I keep saying that nobody has a monopoly on violence. All these thugs that keep going about with sticks and guns and all these weapons had better watch it. But do people have to be pushed to such extremes before somebody in authority does something to curb the madness? And I wonder, all these politicians on whose behalf all these attacks are carried out, do they prefer to sit back and do or say nothing? Are they proud to be attached to such bad behavior simply because they want to remain in power? This is why I will always respect Goodluck Jonathan. He left when he felt the lives of Nigerians were at stake. The same cannot be said about one person who came out to say that Dogs and Baboons will dance in blood if he loses. You all know who said that."

SOURCE: YouTube (Forward the video to 8:27).

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