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Reactions As Two Nigerian Women Use Their Cars To Block A Road In London

The right of way has always been a major cause of problems on the road. This happens in Nigeria and in many other countries. The video was shared by Tunde Ednut on his verified Instagram account.

In a recent video trending on the internet, two unidentified Nigerian women living in London blocked a road in Woolwich with their cars. The roadblock was caused because none of them wanted to move back for the other to pass.

In the video which lasted for more than 4 minutes, many cars were seen stuck in the road block caused by the two Nigerian women. They were busy raining insults on each other, many people tried to plead with them to move their cars and they refused. One was driving a Range Rover and the other was driving a Honda.

When two police officers arrived at the scene, they told the lady driving a Honda to move back so that the lady driving a Range Rover could pass. Even in the presence of the police officers, the ladies were still cursing each other. You can watch the video here.

After the video was shared on Instagram by Tunde Ednut, it got a lot of views, comments and reactions. Below are some of the comments and reactions.

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