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If A Godly Man Wants To Help Nigeria, The Strong-headed People Called Cabals Won't Allow Him—Obi

According to Daily Post News reports, it was reported that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the February 25 presidential and national assembly elections, Peter Obi, has reacted to attacks and killings that occasioned the governorship election, especially in Lagos State.

Peter Obi

He also lamented the use of violence by some politicians' thugs to harass the voters and make them dance to their tunes by forcing them to vote for their parties.

Screenshot from Daily Post News

According to him, he said that "with sadness, my heart goes deeply to the Nigerians who lost their lives and those who were maimed for participating in such a simple thing as an election."

"It's really a disheartening thing to hear that a citizen was maimed or killed because he or she was trying to exercise his or her right, and that's why we need a good administration in Nigeria that will curb all nefarious activities." He said

Speaking further, he also said, "Even if a godly man wants to help Nigeria, the strong-headed people called Cabals won't allow him." "Who are the Cabals?" "The Cabals are not necessarily the political godfathers, but they are people who also exist among us."

"They are present in every sector, ranging from business, education, and electricity to all other sectors." "The Cabals are people who have no good intentions towards development, and they are always planning for the downfall of anyone who wishes to uphold the truth." "They are everywhere in the world." He added

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News Source: Daily Post News

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