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Have You Seen Nimie Recently? See Stunning Photos She Shared On Instagram (Photos)

See Stunning Photos She Shared On Instagram (Photos)

Let me refresh our memory back to Nimie, she was the lucky girl that popular Nigerian musician Rema took out on a date some months ago.

Things didn't really go well with Rema and Nimie because there were many controversies behind their outings. Everyone thought Nimie was Rema"s girlfriend because during the time he had a competition on one of his hit song Beamer it was Nimie that won and the same thing goes to Ginger me.

Well I think things are back to normal again, no one is talking about her anymore. The young girl is still busy going about his normal duties on Instagram by posting pictures. This time around she has gone viral on Instagram by sharing some of her stunning pictures .

See beautiful photos of Nimie

Don't you wish to have her as your wife or girlfriend?

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