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10 Movie Stars Rejected The Lead Of This Movie, Only For It To Become The Biggest Action Movie Ever.

When people talk about movies, and Action movies in particular, nobody can omit or say they forgot to add Die Hard. But what is unknown to most Action movie lovers, Die Hard was rejected by over 10 top Action Movie Stars at the time, because they thought the movie won't do well in the box office.

Fortunately, Die Hard went on to be one of the top grossing movies of the 20th century, with the actor Bruce Wayne cementing his place in Hollywood with his role in it.

Some of the actors that rejected the script for the movie Die Hard are..

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. Richard Gere

3. Clint Eastwood

4. Burt Reynolds

5. Sylvester Stallone

6. Harrison Ford

7. Don Johnson

8. Nick Nolte

9. Mel Gibson

10. Richard Dean Anderson

These were the list of actors who were offered the lead role of John McClane in Die Hard but they all turned it down cos they felt the movie wasn't good enough.

And Even though he was just a not-so-big comedy actor, Bruce Willis took a 5 million dollar salary to play the role after these 10 men had declined in addition to all the uncertainity surrounding whether he could pull the film off or not. And it paid off, as It went on to become One of the greatest action film of all-time!

Die Hard was such a surprise hit and its legacy established what would be a common formula for action films over the next decade, featuring a lone everyman against a colorful terrorist character in an isolated setting.

A lot of action films ended up following the Die Hard formula, and surprisingly, it's not inclusive of any of the actors that rejected the movie.

Below are the movies that followed the Die Hard Formula.

1. Under Siege (1992) starring Steven Seagal is more or less "Die Hard on a battleship".

2. Passenger 57 (1992) starring Wesley Snipes is "Die Hard on a plane"

3. Speed (1994) starring Keanu Reeves is "Die Hard on a bus".

5. Cliffhanger (Sylvester Stallone)

6. Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (Steven Seagal)

7. Sudden Death (Jean Claude Van Damme)

8. Broken Arrow (Christian Slater and John Travolta)

9. Executive Decision (Kurt Russell)

10. Con Air (Nicolas Cage)

11. Speed 2: Cruise Control (Sandra Bullock)

But sadly, none of these action films was able to in any way capture the complete effectiveness of the Die Hard story the way Bruce Willis did it.

The motivation here is that life is full of uncertainties, and if you can just believe in something, and go on to do your best in that thing, you will likely succeed beyond your greatest expectations.

What do you think?. Was Die Hard your favorite Action movie or not?.

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