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Pregnancy period

How to manage overheating during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, hyperthermia or overheating can be harmful to both you and your fetus. In a pregnant woman, a temperature of 102°F is considered dangerous to the fetus.

It's possible that you feel overheated during your pregnancy because your body will likely use more energy as your baby grows. Working in hot locations or under certain work situations might raise your core body temperature in some cases.

Overheating can be dangerous in pregnancy because if it occurs during the first trimester it can cause miscarriage and if it occurs around the second and third trimester it can lead to preterm labor.

How to manage overheating during pregnancy

1 Stay hydrated

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By drinking water, you can help your body stay cool and not only does this helps with overheating, it also reduces water retention and fights constipation. Drinking as least eight cups of water each day will help you stay hydrated.

2 Swimming

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Swimming helps reduce overheating by preserving the vital organs by limiting blood flow to the skin and limbs. As a result, the core of the body remains warm while the skin, arms, and legs cool down.

3 Avoid exposure to the sun

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The sun's rays might raise your internal body temperature. Avoid excessive sun exposure and always apply sunscreen or wear a hat before heading outside.

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