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Pregnancy period

Signs That Indicates Pregnancy Before Your Period Is Due

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The signs and symptoms of pregnancy differ from one woman to the other and missing your period isn't always a sign that you are pregnant. However, there are several signs that can indicate pregnancy before your period is due which is why it is important to note them a week or two before your period if you're trying to conceive.

Here are signs to look out for before a missed period

1 Increased body temperature

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If you've been tracking your first-morning temperature with a special basal body thermometer, If you notice that it rises roughly 1 degree 18 days after your ovulation, you are probably pregnant. The temperature might stay that way throughout your pregnancy.

2 Implantation bleeding

Photo Credit: Momjunction

About 10-14 days after conception, a woman may experience implantation bleeding, often known as mild spotting or bleeding and this bleeding often occurs approximately a week before the expected period. The bleeding will be less intense than usual and will end after one to three days, it will end.

3 Darkening Areolas

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Women may notice that the area around their nipples darkens. This is because the breast is preparing for childbirth and it can occur one to two weeks after fertilization.

4 Frequent urination

Photo Credit: Medical news today

The kidneys begin to prepare to filter out the additional waste in the blood from the baby on board after two weeks of conception. Also, the expanding uterus pushes the bladder outward, and if combined with rising progesterone levels it leads to frequent urination and sometimes a constant need to pee during pregnancy.

5 Morning sickness

Photo Credit: Cleveland Clinic

Due to a surge of new pregnancy hormones, women may experience morning sickness a few days after conception. However, severe nausea usually begins four to six weeks later.

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