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Pregnancy period

"As A Pregnant Woman, If You Do Experience These 4 Signs Seek For Medical Help" - Online Doctor advises

Pregnancy stage is one of the most sensitive stage of a woman's life. During pregnancy, a lot of changes do occur in woman's body system which have to be pay attention to.

An online medical doctor who goes by the Twitter username @firstdoctorr has took to his Twitter page to enlighten people more about some factor to be observe during pregnancy stage. According to the online medical doctor;

- If you experience unusual leg/face swelling during your pregnancy stage, you need to seek for medical help.

- Baby's movement: This is the most serious thing to be observe during pregnancy stage. As a woman, you need to be sensitive about this, if you don't feel your baby's movement please don't hesitate to seek for medical help.

- Addition of weight: According to the online doctor, pregnant woman should gain at least 6Kg during pregnancy. Take note of this.

- Low blood level: Feeling tired always, short of breath, pale conjunctiva, please make sure you see a medical expert.

Please make sure you observe all the factor listed above. If not for yourself, do it for the sake of your unborn child.

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Stay Safe.

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