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Opinion: Things To Do If You Have Been Failing Your Kids As a Parent Or Guardian.

Today many parents spend too little time with their kids, many mum and dads are overly busy earning money.

Most parents work so hard today so as to get their kids nice things and neglect their role as a parent.They know little or nothing about their kids, yet the children they claim to be working hard for my later turn out to be a beer, drugs or sex addict when they become teenagers.

As a parents spend time with your children. Talk with them, show them love. Teach them the right things they need to know. Teach them to give with joy, teach them to give respect to their elders, teach them to show love n appreciation. Teach them how to sit as girls.

You can take them out. As a father it is not a bad idea to do the car washing together with your kids. Same goes to the mothers when you are busy in the kitchen you can as well make them involve in one or two things. Tell them stories and be sure to make your stories interesting.You can as well use some bad story and some happy ones that will make them laugh. Soon they will be begging you to always tell them stories.

Parents/Guardian if you are the type that doesn't spend time at all with your kids please stop and find a way to spend time with them.

Children might not say please mum/dad spend time with us, but deep down they secretly wish for their parents to show interest in them, because their heart feels empty. And when it continues like that when they are grown they may use beer,sex or drugs to try to satisfy their empty feelings. If you notice a child mood changes do well to find out why, and try to make them come out of such mood if it's a bad one. Ask them about their studies. Find out time to know the kind of friends they keep and the kind of things they engage in.

To add to this as a parent don't fail to correct your children punish them when they do wrong. Remember there is a right and a wrong time to use a stick. When they do bad try to correct them with a stick or with words, but don't use a stick for a child that has forgotten to do something or made a mistake (You can make them do extra work when they make mistake so as to learn to be more careful), but don't go for a stick because they didn't choose to be disobedient.

Finally always hug your kids tell them you love them, talk with them. Listen to their problems and joy and always remember to pray for them.

I hope with this we will step up as parents/ guardian and correct any aspect we've been failing our kids

Thanks for reading.

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