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Foods to Eat and Avoid during Labor

Labor can take many hours for contractions to become more frequent and regular and the woman can then go to the hospital. What can be eaten during this period, while the woman is still at home, and the contractions are not yet very regular are light foods like wholemeal bread, fruit or yogurt, because they facilitate digestion and release energy in a controlled manner.

During labor, it is also recommended to drink a lot of water, because in addition to satisfying the thirst that is characteristic of that moment, it makes the woman go to the bathroom frequently, remaining active, facilitating the baby's birth.

Alimentos permitidos Food allowedAlimentos a evitar Food to avoid

Food allowed during labor

Some easily digestible foods that can be consumed during labor are :

  • Rice, whole toast;
  • Pear, apple, banana:
  • Fish, turkey or chicken;
  • Cooked pumpkin and carrots.

It is recommended to eat something before going to the hospital because when entering the delivery room, it is not possible to eat anything else, and the woman should probably stay in the serum through venous access.

Food to avoid during labor

Some foods such as sweets, chocolate, cakes or ice cream are discouraged during labor, as well as red meats, sausages, fried foods or other foods high in fat, because they can cause indigestion and increase women's discomfort.

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