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How to keep your children healthy throughout the term.

How to keep your children healthy throughout the term.

If you have noticed, children frequently fall sick when school is in session than during holidays.

This is due to many factors parents overlook.

Paying attention to some of these things we guarantee a term that is free of sickness.

Parents should as a matter of urgency take these factors that I will discuss here seriously and work toward keeping their children healthy.

** Having breakfast before leaving for school:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the energy needed to start the day's activities.

Make sure your children have breakfast at home before going to school. Most times when you pack it for them, they end up not eating it at the right time. Some may even consume unhealthy snacks before eating their breakfast. This may affect their overall health.

** Having enough Sleep

Please ensure your children have enough sleep, at least eight hours of sleep. Sleep clears or neutralizes all stress chemicals released during the day. Good sleep relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, and makes the child alert while lack of sleep weakens the body's immune system, causes confusion and lack of focus.

** Choice of Water bottles,

Please when picking water bottles for kids, avoid the one with sipper, this type allows water from the mouth to return to the bottle. The returned water may contain food particles and bacteria from the mouth. 

The bacteria may ferment or oxidize the food particles inside the water into products that can cause stomach ache. You can encourage them to use the water bottle cover to drink instead of sipping.

** Backpack or school bag

To be frank, the weight of some bags children carry to school is of concern. These kids drag this weight to and fro school every day. This may cause stress and back pain which affect their health and bring distraction to their academics.

Please reduce the number of books in the children's bag. Reach out to their teachers and discuss it.

** Unhealthy Snacks

Please, note that not all snacks are good for your children. Most of these snacks are loaded with ingredients and chemicals that are unhealthy for children. These chemicals may interfere with their system and lead to ailments.

Try and pick snacks for them instead of giving them money to buy themselves. I know children love snacks, however, we should not let it cause another thing for them. 

** Chewing gum:

In as much as chewing gum refreshes the mouth and keeps the brain alert, it causes many health problems. It causes gingivitis, tooth decay, toothache, bloating of the stomach, and others. Talk to them about it and discourage them from regular chewing of gum. Especially our older female children.

** Washing of hands

Encourage them to always wash their hands, especially after visiting the toilets. This helps to keep them free from germs and stay healthy.

** Hair lice

Please check their head regularly for lice, dandruff, and ringworm. The scratch from these infections can distract them from the classroom. Treat immediately you notice any of the aforementioned to prevent spread.

**Sharing of items.

Children love sharing things. They should be encouraged not to share things like water bottles, spoons, handkerchiefs, and others.

Most of these objects are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Sickness is inevitable, but we can be proactive in reducing how frequently it occurs.

Wishing our children a sickness-free term.

Content created and supplied by: ChrisGerry (via Opera News )


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