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Pregnancy period

How falling affects the pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the female body is designed to withstand a specific level of knocks and bruises. However, certain circumstances or conditions can increase the chances of a miscarriage.

When a pregnant woman falls, the first thing she thinks about is the health of her baby and whether there is a problem. The basic explanation is that the trauma of the fall can result in miscarriage, however, the real danger is the severity of the event and the stage of pregnancy.  

A fall in the early stage of pregnancy

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A fall during the first trimester is less likely to result in a miscarriage because the uterus has a thick wall during the first trimester and is protected by the pelvic girdle's bones. A large amount of amniotic fluid surrounds the infant in the second trimester providing additional protection.

A fall in the late stage of pregnancy

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The uterus stretches and expands as the pregnancy advances. The uterus develops a thin wall by the third trimester and the baby is positioned in a prominent place and a hard fall can cause placenta abruption this is when the placental lining is separated from the uterus.

The severity of the fall

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The amount of damage you and your baby suffer depends on how hard you fall. Minor and significant injuries can occur during pregnancy. 

Minor trauma does not affect the abdomen, and the expectant mother does not suffer pain, fluid loss, vaginal bleeding, or fetal movement reduction. However, major trauma involves the abdomen as well as powerful forces such as deceleration, shearing, or fast compression.

When you fall during pregnancy or get a minor injury, call your doctor to see if there's any risk. Even if you don't think your injury is serious, it's best to be safe than sorry, especially as your pregnancy progresses.

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