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See How The Touch Of This Baby Saved The Life Of Her Dying Twin Sister (Photos)

Twin baby girls Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born 12 weeks premature in Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, Worcester, USA.

Baby Brielle was not expected to survive because of her critical health conditions. One of the nurses in the hospital, Gale Kasparian who had heard about an unorthodox medical procedure in Europe where twin babies are placed in the same incubator, took the action of putting both babies in the same incubator at risk of her job.

At the time, it was the standard medical practice in the US to place premature babies in separate incubators to avoid the risk of infection.

The stronger and healthy Kyrie unconsciously wrapped her arm around her dying twin sister the moment she was placed in her incubator. Miraculously, baby Brielle who was never given any chance of surviving started recuperating; her heart start to stabilize, her temperature return to normal, her oxygen level starts to increase as she began to breathe easily.

This medical miracle shook the entire medical institutions in the United States of America as they adopted the procedure ever since then.

That singular act by baby Kyrie was tagged "The Rescuing Hug".

See how the twin sisters who were born on 17 October 1995, look now.

This was indeed a miracle!

What your thoughts on this act of love?

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