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Check Out The 3 Lessons Parents Need To Teach Their Children For Their Safety.

As insecurity is rising in Nigeria, where evil bandits, unknown gunmen, and criminals are kidnapping innocent Nigerians for rituals or in return for a ransom.

Parents should teach their children how to identify any threat and how to react anytime they are in the midst of trouble, as it is commonly known that children will be able to understand some of these basics when they reach 3 years old.

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It is recommended that parents teach these to their children because, if something happens to them, it will be easier to obtain the necessary information that will assist the police in carrying out their duties.

Teach them to stay away from strangers:

 Although it is rare for a stranger to kidnap or harm a person, it is most of the time carried out by the family or a person that knows us very well.

Nevertheless, parents must explain to their children not to share anything private with someone they don't know very well. You can tell them a scary story about what strangers do, because that will make your teaching go deeper with them.

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Teach them to run and scream if anybody is trying to force them to do something.

Teach them not to keep quiet or stay calm if anybody is trying to force them to do something that is against their will. Let them know how screaming to seek people's attention and running can save their lives from being in danger.

Teach your children to always inform you or anybody before going anywhere.

A parent must urge their kids to always notify them or an elderly person where they are going, how many people they are going with, and when they will return, even if the person they are going with is someone they know.

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