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Things Most Nigerian Mothers Have In Common

Our mothers are our gods on Earth, they constantly make sacrifices for us so that we can grow up into responsible adults and live a comfortable life.

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To achieve this Nigerian mother’s have certain things in common when raising their children, the way they behave is so similar that you often wonder if they attend a school on the theatrics to be employed while raising children.

When you ask a Nigerian mother where to place an item, it is normal to hear them say “place it on my head.” In fact you would be worried if she tells you the actual place to drop the item.

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Nigerian mothers have secret eye language in front of their children, there are certain ways a Nigerian mother will look at you and you definitely know it is time to keep quiet or if you dare eat that food sorry is your name.

Most Nigerian mothers that are Christian’s have taken their children for deliverance at some point in time in their lives.

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Nigerian mothers are forever keeping the money your aunt or uncle gave to you if you later ask them for it, the response is always “What about all the food you have being eating.”

These and more are what sets Nigerian mother’s from other women in the world. May the good Lord continuously bless them for all their sacrifices.

What other thing do you think Nigerian mothers have in common.

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