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Kodinhi: A Village Where 500 Pairs Of Twins Were Born

A small village called Kodinhi in India is experiencing an increase in the number of twins being born, and no one knows the reason.

The village is located in the southern state of Kerala, and as of now, it has 1000 twins in a population of 11,000, and the twin birth rate is still rising.

Doctors and health experts are wondering at the uncommon phenomenon of twin births which is nearly six times more than the global average.

Many doctors with natural interest in studying the science behind the delivery of twins have tried to delve into the mystery of the growing number of twin births in Kodinhi for more than five years. They reported that the actual number of twins in the Kodinhi village is more than what has been officially recorded in the papers.

Meanwhile, Doctors in India are still trying to look for enough evidences to crack the puzzle behind the enormous twin births in the beautiful hamlet of Kodinhi.

Check out some of their pictures below.

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