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This 5 Year Old Boy Was Abandoned By His Parents Because His Finger Can't Stop Growing (Photos)

People are born with Strange and amazing traits that even the scientist can imagine. There is a certain boy with a longest finger that can't stop growing. He finds it hard to lift things except he uses two hands. His big and growing finger can't do anything. According to his grandfather, they wish to cut it off because it won't stop growing.

His name is called 'Ivan'. He was trained by his grandfather right from childbirth because his mother abandoned him because of his predicament.

They started noticing this Strange growth at the age of 2 and was taken to a specialist doctor who treats such issues. He couldn't get proper treatment because the doctor who was to treat him travelled and promised to come back after 6 months.

However, they were financially unstable and couldn't go for a proper treatment. As his finger keeps growing and getting heavy, his parents abandoned him. His mother left without telling anyone and she never returned.

His body shape has lost balance because of this predicament as many people suggested the hands should be cut off.

People are really suffering. I feel sorry for this little boy as he endures his pain alone.

What do you think about his condition? Should his hands be cut off? Leave your comments below and follow up for updates.

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