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How to recognize the symptoms of ADHD in toddlers

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ADHD stands for ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,' and it is a mental disorder in which your child exhibits unusual behavior. ADHD is characterized by a loss of focus, concentration, and attention span which stops your child from being calm, attentive, and obedient by causing him to forget what he has just learned and increase the tendency to daydream in the middle of something important.

Here are signs to pay attention to if you notice ADHD symptoms in toddlers

1 Inattention

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Toddlers with ADHD have trouble putting their toys away, finishing tasks, paying attention, or focusing in the classroom. They have limited attention spans and bounce between several tasks, without sticking to one. Inattention frequently translates to forgetfulness, which is a telltale indicator of ADHD in children.

2 Hyperactivity

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Restlessness and fidgetiness are symptoms of hyperactivity, as it involves being in a constant state of motion without halting or taking pauses. If you notice your child constantly shifting across the room and attempting to complete numerous tasks at the same time, it is a telltale symptom. If your child has a lot of energy compared to other toddlers his or her age and can't seem to stop moving about for even a minute during any activity could also mean ADHD.

3 Impulsiveness

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In toddlers, impulsiveness is characterized by a lack of self-control or discipline, Children who are unable to regulate their emotions, who do not match what they say and do, who are short-tempered, and who throw spontaneous temper tantrums when they do not get their way. All these are also characteristics of ADHD.

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