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4 things to always include in kids lunch bags for their maximum satisfaction

As kids resume another session recently, parents have also resume their duty on providing the necessary things needed for resumption. From paying school fee to buying books and other stationeries. While parents are doing this, plans are also ongoing on what to take to school as lunch. As many mothers are finding it difficult to come to conclusion on this, we will help mothers by giving some suggestions on what should be in their wards lunchboxes to avoid covetousness.

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1. Main meal

This is the major meal the child will take to school. Most times, the kids do eat this during break time. It is important for all mothers to provide this for their wards to stop them from looking at their mates while eating. Main meal suggestions are rice, jollof spaghetti and plantain with egg sauce.

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2. Snacks

Snacks is important in a kid lunchbox. It is rare to find a child that does not like to eat snacks. The most important thing is that mothers should try to put the snack their children love to eat in lunchbags.

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3. Water bottle

Water is important because it aids easy digestion. It also flush out the toxins in the body through urine and sweat. 

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4. Fruits 

Fruits contains essential vitamins and minerals for child development, therefore it is important for children to eat it regularly. It will be a nice idea to include fruits for them to make it a balanced diet. It can also be made into juice or smoothie for children that doesn't like fruits.

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Thanks for reading! Hope you find this piece helpful? It is important for parents to take good care of this kids today so as to enjoy them later in life. 

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