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Should Nigerian Parents Be Blamed For The High Rise Of Cybercrimes In Nigeria Today?

There's no doubt that cybercrime, popularly known as 'Yahoo' is on its rise in Nigeria, especially amongst the youths of the country. Many young people have been caught in several fraudulent activities across the country. Cybercrime has become a means of making a living for most Nigerian youths these days.

Many people have gotten involved in fraudulent activities to make a very wrong living. Many youths have been arrested for involving in fraudulent activities, but it seems as if it is nothing to them because more youths keep doing it. Despite many youths have been arrested and kept behind bars, it doesn't stop them from the fraudulent activities. According to TVC News, some youths blamed their parents for them getting involved in fraudulent activities.

Is it true that parents should be blamed for their children's involvement in cybercrime Are parents the cause of all of these? According to some youths who were interviewed about the matter, they said that the parents are always the ones pressurizing their children to go and make a living for themselves. They sometimes compare their children with their mates who have made money, not minding how they made the money.

So, this pressure makes some youths to go get involved in cybercrime and other fraudulent activities. They said parents are responsible for pushing their children to do what they never wanted to do. So for fraudulent activities in Nigeria to reduce, parents have to reduce the way they push their children to go make money like their mates. But the question now is, now that cybercrime is the other of the day amongst youths, can it ever reduce? Even if parents stop pressurizing their children to go and make money, will 'Yahoo' stop in Nigeria?

Some people believe that it is peer pressure that is causing youths to get involved in cybercrime, while some say it is poverty, bad economic situation, and lack of job opportunities in Nigeria. So what do you think is the main reason why youths get involved in 'Yahoo' in Nigeria? Comment your thoughts, please like, share, and follow me up.

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