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Causes of infertility and 6 important foods to boost it

Infertility happens when it is difficult to get pregnant. There are many causes of infertility, one of them is age. Age has been considered one of the determinant of women ovulation. It plays a major factor in the way a woman can conceive. Sometimes, many women above 40 find it difficult to conceive. 

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Other factors include lack of ovulation or irregular ovulation, disruption of the fallopian tubes through fibroids or ectopic pregnancy, previous abortion (s) and many others.

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 In spite of this, there are other women that the cause of their infertility is unknown. Whichever case the cause of infertility is, it is important to eat healthy foods which can support proper ovulation at the appropriate time. In this article, some foods that can be eaten to boost ovulation will be highlighted.

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Sweet potato



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