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Important Things You Should Always Do When Your Wife Is Pregnant.

The pregnancy period is very delicate and sensitive in a woman's life and as the husband, the Onus is on you to ensure her total well-being before parturition or delivery, so to say.

Don't be frustrated by a pregnant woman's excesses or frustrations during this period, believe me when I tell you that she knows not what she is doing most of the time.

As for the ladies, this should not be an avenue to use and exploit or frustrate your husband irrespective of how much she cares and looks after you, rather, it should be a time of reflection on how you should raise your child and build more understanding between you and your husband.

However, there is no guarantee that the hormones coursing through the system of a pregnant woman will allow her to think rationally. So, you as the husband will have to think for her in most cases.

When your wife is heavily pregnant, do the following important things.


Always try to relieve her pains by playing with her protruded belly. Amuse her by trying to have an imaginary conversation with the fetus in her belly and relate to her the imaginary conversation you are having with the fetus.

This will soothe her and make her feel a bit relieved. Happiness is not all about money, little things matter.


Secondly, you have to also sleep beside her most of the time and then for the sake of comfort. There are things she might need at a particular time that she can't ask anyone else besides you.

So, always avail yourself by her side whenever you can. Also, she will be going through a lot of pain but your presence could help relieve her of some of those pains.


Another important thing is that you have to try as much as you can to take her for Ante-Natal. Don't let her go alone because you put her in that condition.

Going there with her always will give her a sense of being important to you which will make her very happy and also give her the strength and zeal to push through.


Finally, try to make her the meal she craves most sometimes. Don't say or think that you are belittling yourself but see it as a necessity for her happiness and safe delivery.

Moreover, all you want is for your wife and your unborn child to come out of the process successfully, which means making her a delicious meal she craves is a small price to pay.

If you feel confused in any way, just let me know in the comments section below and I will clarify for you.

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