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4 Things Mothers Should Not Do In Front Of Their Children.

The home is the first place of learning for a child. Children are very observant and pay attention to every actions of their parents and even their siblings. This is why parents, especially mothers who are with the children most of the time, needs to be careful with whatever they do in front of their children as these children see them as role models. It is whatever children see at home that they display outside. Here are certain things mothers should not do in front of their children.

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1) Undress: So many mothers see nothing wrong in exposing their nakedness in front of their children. You see them wearing either skimpy clothes or totally nothing and sitting down comfortably with their children. This is wrong because it may give your children the wrong sexual orientation, especially if your child is a male. Covering your nakedness is also part of teaching your child modesty and you cannot be naked while teaching them this.

2) Public display of affection : There are different ways children know the level of affection their parents have for each other. However, when a mother starts kissing or making suggestive signs in front of children, they are bound to start practicing this with the opposite sex because they do not know the gravity of what they are doing at that time. Every show of intimacy should be limited to the bedroom and outside the home, doing this in front of your children will give them the wrong orientation.

3) Quarrel : No matter how angry a mother is, it is totally wrong for her to quarrel or even insult and abuse her husband in front of her children. It will only make the children to lose respect and regard for their father and even take this bad attitude to their own marriage.

4) Complain : Some mothers make the mistake of complaining about the attitude of their husbands in front of their children. This will only make your children have a bad mindset about marriage and hate their father. Mothers should learn to always bless and pray for their husbands especially when they are around their children.

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