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Safe sleep practice for your toddler

Your child has reached toddlerhood, and the two of you have finally mastered the art of sleeping. At this stage, you probably know what your child requires to have a good night's sleep.

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However, just as you've gotten a handle on things, the rules begin to shift. The rules for helping your toddler in sleeping safely differ from those that you had to follow when he was a baby but the good news is that he's no longer a danger for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome now that he is older.

Safe sleep guidelines and tips for toddlers to follow

1 Move to a toddler bed

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When your child reaches 35 inches in height, or the height of the current bed's side rail is less than three inches, you should start moving to a toddler bed.

2 Create a safe sleeping space

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Make sure your child's crib or bed is far away from any objects with ties or strings, such as window blind pulls, curtains, or electrical wires. Also keep an eye out for picture frames, mobiles, or other hazards that your toddler might be able to bring into his crib or bed.

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3 Toddlers enjoy getting up and exploring their surroundings, which might include attempting to climb out of their cribs. Keep your child's crib mattress on the lowest setting if he's still in it to make it more difficult for him to get out. Also, don't place anything in the crib that your child could use to aid climb out such as stuffed animals or crib bumpers.

4 You don't have to put your child to bed on his back anymore. He's old enough to sleep safely on his back, stomach, or side, so let him choose his preferred sleeping position.

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